Previous History Talks

02-Feb-13  Sonny Byquar talking about his family as South Sea Islander early settlers in Buderim

06-Apr-13  Adopt a Digger Project by Chrissy Fletcher and Helene Cronin

01-Jun-13  Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Inc by Helene Cronin and Neil McGarvie

03-Aug-13  The Buderim Quilt by Rose Halliday-Smith

05-Oct-13  Urban transport on Buderim – From Buggy to Buick by Noel Williams

01-Feb-14  History of flags and the evolution of the Australian Flag by Tom Holden

05-Apr-14  ANZAC Day – A Kiwi perspective by Ross Robertson

07-Jun-14  Ginger in Australian food and medicine by Dr Leonie Ryder

07-Aug-14  Buderim’s First Doctor by Dr Gary Shaw and Jill Blake

07-Mar-15  History from Archeaology Exploration by Gary and Dorothy Flanagan

02-May-15  Ellen Barron by Alison and John Sleath

04-Jul-15  The Wartime Diary of Dorothea Burnett by Dorothy Radford

07-Nov-15  Fashions in Australia from 1880-1900 by Prue Cawley

05-Mar-16  Mooloolaba’s Yesterdays by Bill Lavarack

07-May-16  The establishment of Mons State School by Evelyn Cogill

02-Jul-16  Memories of Buderim by Maurie Richards

01-Apr-17  Buderim-Palmwoods Heritage Tramways update by Noel Williams

05-Aug-17  History of Religion in Buderim by Ellen de Chastel

10-Feb-18  History of BATS and the Buderim War Memorial Hall by John McMahon

14-Apr-18  The Crosby Family in Buderim by Bernadette McMahon

09-Jun-18  The Friends Farm on the Mooloolah River by Bill Lavarack

04-Aug-18  Recollection of Buderim’s early settlers and his experiences during and after WW2 by Ken Chadwick

03-Nov-18  The History of the Buderim Festival Markets, the Buderim Tavern and the Woolworths development by Gloria Duce

02-Feb-19  The Simpers on Buderim by Ken Simper

06-Apr-19  Edna Margaret Walling by Maxina Williams

08-Jun-19  Palmwoods First Constable by Helene Cronin and Noel Williams

10-Aug-19  The History of the Cooktown Orchid by Bill Lavarack–wPs

12-Oct-19  Joseph Foote and Family by Margaret Marshall

07-Mar-20  50 years of discovering water by Jim Hennell

02-Mar-21  Pioneer Women in the Guy Family by Susan Guy and Jeanine Roberts

05-Jun-21  Buderim community projects where the Buderim Historical Society played a significant role by Neil McGarvie

02-Oct-21  Memories of work in remote Aboriginal communities across Australia by Neil and Jean McGarvie

20-Nov-21  Memories (1975-1991) of work in Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Education by Neil and Jean McGarvie

02-Apr-22  James Low and William Grigor, and early timber gathering in the Mooloolah and Maroochy Rivers area by Audienne Blyth

02-Jul-22  My Fortunate Life by Simon Whittle

13-May-23 The Cunning Family (from 1887) and their links with education in Buderim by Robyn Powel

5-Aug-23  Jim and Connie Guy. Their story as told by their son Keith Guy

Occasional Papers

Occasional Paper No.1  The murder of William Stephens in 1866 at Mooloolah Click here  

Occasional Paper No.2  The Sugar Industry on Buderim Click here 

Occasional Paper No.3  Len Sorenson Click here 

Occasional Paper No.4  Endeavour Reef June 1770 Click here 

Occasional Paper No.5  Claiming New Holland Click here 

Occasional Paper No.6  Endeavour at Batavia and beyond Click here 

Occasional Paper No.7  Birdwood Boarding House Click here  

Occasional Paper No.8  A Cup of Coffee on Buderim Click here  

Occasional Paper No.9  Early History of Pioneer Cottage Click here  

Occasional Paper No.10 Buderim Shops – Central Business Area 1870 to 1970 Click here  

Occasional Paper No.11 Occasional Papers no.11 Buderim School Oval Click here  

Occasional Paper No.12 Our Life in the Fifties Click here  

Occasional Paper No.13 Buderim Show Click here  

Occasional Paper No.14 Buderim Houses 1870 to 1900 Click here  

Occasional Paper No.15 History of the Buderim Tavern Click here  

Occasional Paper No.16 Harry Board, builder, farmer and boarding house proprietor Click here

Occasional Paper No.17 Living on Buderim 1890 to 1900 Click here

Occasional Paper No.18 The Bells of Buderim  Click here

Occasional Paper No.19 Buderim to the Beach – Buses, Service Cars and Limousines  Click here

Occasional Paper No.20 Ernest (‘Middy’) Middleton Click here

Occasional Paper No.21 Photographing Buderim’s History  Click here

Occasional Paper No.22 James Coleman Queensland Artist Click here

Occasional Paper No.23 Captain George Burrows Click here

Occasional Paper No.24 The Caton and Townsend families of Buderim 1872-1900 Click here

Occasional Paper No.25 Bill Bell the Grand Old Man of Buderim Sport Click here

Occasional Paper No.26 Bill and Ivy Chadwick Click here

Occasional Paper No.27 Buderim – Early History up to 1870 Click here