School Visits

The Pioneer Cottage provides an excellent venue, as the Buderim History Museum, for school groups that are studying local history as part of their curriculum. BHS welcomes school visits and BHS volunteers have developed an interesting interactive program to support school groups learning about local history.  There is a charge of $5 per student for organised school visits.

Year 2 Program

Year 5 Program

BHS School Visit Booking Sheet March 2021


Sunshine Coast Environmental Education Centre

The Sunshine Coast EEC is a multipurpose curriculum venue working in partnership with teachers, schools, TAFE and the wider community to provide specialist environmental programs, professional development, advice and resources that meet the ongoing curriculum needs of state school students.

  • We offer learning opportunities for students from P -12 and TAFE.
  • We travel to more than 100 diverse sites in the Sunshine Coast region to deliver day programs and support residential programs.
  • We provide exciting, enjoyable, challenging, first-hand environmental experiences.

    The Sunshine Coast EECs programs:

  • are specific and developed in consultation with class teachers
  • align to the Australian Curriculum through Education Queensland’s C2C
  • integrate a range of subject areas
  • link with students’ background knowledge
  • are conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support among teachers and students
  • utilise the incredibly diverse natural attractions of the Sunshine Coast area
  • aim to increase the depth of understanding of natural systems and environmental issues and responsibilities.

Sunshine Coast Environmental Education Centre

Photographic Library

Photographs in our Collection are available for purchase on request:

Photographs Postcard size glossy $1.50

On plain paper suitable for school text

1 per Page $1.00

2 per page $1.25

3 per page $1.50

4 per page $2.00


The following publications are available for purchase by visiting Pioneer Cottage:

Along the Track                                                              $5.00

Beautiful Buderim (Street names)                                    $8.00

Buderim’s Benefactor                                                    $12.00

Buderim’s Great War Effort                                            $10.00

Classical to Digital                                                         $12.00

Extract from Dixon’s Diary                                              $2.00

Heritage Tramways Poster                                               $0.20

History of Sport in Buderim                                            $15.00

Family favourites Cook Book                                           $12.00

John Burnett’s Diary                                                        $8.00

Mooloolaba’s Yesterdays                                                 $30.00

Pathways to the North Coast                                           $25.00

Pioneer Cottage 50th Anniversary Photos                          $50.00

Project Booklet of Pioneer Cottage                                     $5.00

Stories of Old Buderim                                                    $25.00

South Sea Islanders came to Buderim                                $8.00

The House That Buderim Saved                                       $15.00

Wartime diary of Dorothea Burnett                                   $15.00


During 2019 a Conservation Management Plan was prepared for Pioneer Cottage by Australian Heritage Specialists with funding from Sunshine Coast Council. 

This Plan provides:

• A brief and up to date history of the Buderim Pioneer Cottage based on existing records.
• Results of a brief site inspection including consideration of key significant elements.
• Review of the current significance statement and an update if necessary.
• An outline of issues and obligations arising from the significance of the place.
• Conservation policies, including general advice and conservation objectives.
• An Action Plan, including maintenance and action items to manage the place.

The repairs and maintenance have been prioritised, and several projects have been identified to be carried out this year to ensure that the property remains in  good condition.

Visitors to the Cottage may notice some minor changes, and there may be short periods where the building will be closed to the public to ensure that the maintenance work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Recently we completed two projects with funding from the Sunshine Coast Council COVID-19 recovery program.

The first of these was to carry out repairs to old termite damage to the roof timbers and repair of the dormer windows to contain water leaks.  Part of this project involved removal and replacement of some of the lining boards which were badly affected by rot and termites.

The second project was the installation of a termite baiting and monitoring system around Pioneer Cottage and Vise House.  This will enable us to more actively manage any termite infestations that may pose a risk to either building.

The ongoing support provided by Sunshine Coast Council in funding these and other projects is gratefully acknowledged.

Hire of BHS facilities

If you wish to hire BHS facilities please contact Pioneer Cottage on 07 54501966 and an Application Form will be provided. Charges are:

Pioneer Cottage Veranda and Garden: $20.00 per hour

Pioneer Cottage Veranda, Garden and Vise House, including kitchen facilities, crockery, cutlery etc: $30.00 per hour

Cleaning (if necessary): $20.00 per hour

Security Deposit: $100.00